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AEOMAR is having the ability to build all types of CRP and GRP products with the help of our prepreg systems. We manufacture well crafted, robust and award winning products that have generated media attention and public interest within the global markets.

Our primary operations are in the manufacturing of high quality marine composites to industries (commercial, leisure, power and sailing boats). Customer satisfaction and product quality is paramount in our pursuit of excellence. This leads our production to be built to global standards under strict regulation of major AICS classes.

Our prepreg production process is inhouse developed. This allows us to offer fast, inexpensive boats that are incredibly fun to sail and can easily break records. That's why we are breaking new ground in series production.

We believe in continuous improvement and teamwork


- project managers

- structural/CFD engineers

. marketing experts

- business consultants

- experienced workers

Our production capabilities:

- milling up to 40m length

. prepreg production (15m oven)

- vacuum infusion

- press moulding

- hand layup/vacuum

- painting (15m paint booth)

Our production capabilities:

• 30 x 8 x 4m mould milling machine with 3D printing module (available July)

• 15 x 6 x 4m curing oven max. 180 degree 

• 15 x 6 x 5m paint booth (AC cooled air supply), SATA and Mirca equipment 

• Becker vacuum pumps 

• Atlas Copco compressed air system with dryer 

• dedicated insulated sanding room with exhaust tables/negative pressure

• movable A-frames

Metal work shop

• 4 x 2.55 x 1.35m Zimmermann milling machine (Aerospace/Aluminium moulds)

• CB Ferrari Milling Center A156  7-Axis, 850mm x 520mm x 420mm (Aerospace standard)

• Tools pre setter ELBO Controlli

• CB Ferrari Milling Center A17 5-xxis, 1050mm x 420mm x 520mm (Aerospace standard) 

• Conventional Milling machine 1800 x 800 x 600mm

• Conventional Lathe Morando PL35 ø800 x L 2000mm 

• Conventional Lathe Wetzel ø1800 x 1600mm 

• 2 Jib cranes in CNC area 

• Metal Saw, band saw 

• Horizontal boring and balancing machines 

• Polishing machines with vacuum powder extraction circuit 


Composite & Wood Carpentry

• 3-axis CNC cutting/routing/drilling of panel materials 

• Altendorf F45 sliding table saw/2800mm carriage 

• Edge banding for panel materials veneer and PVC edges up to 3mm

• Edge banding for free-form veneer and PVC edges up to 3mm 

• Jointer for solid wood 600 mm blade width 

• Thickness planer for solid wood 600 mm blade width 

• Veneer press 2600 x 1100 mm 

• Veneer jointing machine edge, gluing not sewing

• Table router incl. tools Spindle must be swivelling

• Wide belt sanding machine 1100mm sanding width/calibrating and fine sanding

• Paint extraction system for wood varnishing Water wall with fliter system

• Extraction system incl. chip bunker, designed for the above machines


Quality Management

• Hexagon CMM for scanning high precision complex 3D geometries measurement (1,3 μm)

• Complete set of measuring tools 

• Granite benches. Height gauges.



• WIRETEKNIK Swagging Machine 2,5 -12mm wire terminals

• High end splicing equipment with winch

• Wig & Mig welding for Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium and Titanium

• Chain blocks and A-Frames


Upholstery, Textile printing, Templates- & Sign-making 

• MIMAKI CJV150/160 LFP Printer/Plotter

• sewing machines for upholstery and sail repairs​

Service Fleet

• Mercedes Crane Truck, 8m loading platform with 10t 20m crane 

• 2 street trailers for boat transport

• stapler

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