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JB12 - 12m Highspeed GRP catamaran


The JALBOOT12 is the development of the EM16, and builds on the considerable experience and proven success of this boat adding to the companies’ development through the last 30 years. The existing range of 10m, 12m and 14m designs has given excellent service in a wide variety of uses and environments. 

• 12.1 meter hull built in a multiple piece mould to ensure exceptional strength and infused reliability. 
• our specialist composite construction is state-of-the-art and guarantees maximum quality control. 
• All our designs benefit from construction specifications, layup, scantlings and engineering details approval by any Certification Authorities. 
• Our designs enjoy a complete audit history of essential criteria and come with a detailed technical file. 

Our designs offer legendary class safety, stability, speed and seaworthiness. Our catamaran hulls have low drag so fuel economy is superior to that of similar sized mono-hulls at similar speeds. Maneuverability, both at low and high speed and in deep or shallow water, is also exceptional. 

The JB12 is finished in a white gel-coat and crafted from GRP using an infusion process. A range of By-axel and Quad-axel fiberglass with HD foam as core to optimize a lightweight and strong structure. All bulkheads are laminated in, using “e” – glass. There are two watertight compartments in each hull, with foam filled knuckle in case of collision. All deck surfaces have non-skid finish. Hull, “e”glass (EBX1122) with foam core and foam stringers. Enclosed wheel house for captain and crew with access to medical section through door leading aft of pilot seating. Single level floor throughout cabin. incorporated into super structure mouldings are access hatches through the floor gaining access to fuel tanks and water tanks, Aft deck with sliding door 2m wide for easy access with stretchers. 


Capacity: 46 & Pilot (ascertained by local government) 
Length Overall: 12m 
Beam: 5.1m 
Draught: 0.70m 
Displacement: 9.5 tons 
Engine: Starting from 2x 200hp outboard 
• Navigation lights

• bench seats


• conical compass

• SS aft railing

• hard top

• canopy/windbreaker

• hydraulic steering system

• bilge pump system

• horn 


Hull & Deck Fittings 

Fit stainless-steel grab rails. Heavy duty Samson post Anchor management area including storage locker for Anchor on foredeck, S/S rails around aft deck with gate to maximize access on and off the boat. 


The exterior of the vessel is designed to be as aerodynamically streamlined and hydrodynamically efficient as possible; with ergonomically integrated features to make daily use as straightforward as possible. 
Sheltered rear deck embarquement area with ample wheelchair/stretcher access will enable passengers/patients to easily move in and out of the cabin in all weather conditions, when both boarding and leaving the vessel. 


Customisable open cabin space.  Access is uninterrupted from entry up until the crew area at the front of the cabin, after which there is a dedicated space for the captain to pilot the vessel and control all electrics from a panel located close to the steering console. 

Engine and Propulsion 

2x300hp Yamaha 4 stroke engines with S/S propellers. 

Fuel Tanks 

2 x pre-filters with fuel lines and fuel cut off valves on tank holding 500 liters each Fuel tank fitted ultrasound sender units and gauges on control panel. Fuel storage on board will consist of permanently installed tanks in both hulls of the catamaran. The tanks will be subdivided by anti-sloshing baffles, and will be complete with deck fill, breather vent, level gauges, valves and piping to all engines in the vessel. The two tanks will be interconnected with transfer actuated by pumps on each side. This complete system will be pressure tested according to classification requirements. 

Remote and manually operated fuel safety shut off valves are situated between the fuel tank and each engine. This remote shut off control system along with the fuel level indicator/alarms are situated in the helm station on the top deck. 


General Electrical  

Standard 24-volt wiring throughout the boat with battery charger. LED lighting in all cabins and in hull compartments. Deck lighting and flood light operated from helm position. Single windscreen wipers and washer. Smoke detector fitter in each hull and in main cabin. Electrical power activation, distribution and monitoring will be controlled from the main electrical switchboard located in the cabin of the helm station. 

Plumbing & Heating 

4 Bilge pumps fitted with float switches, auto with manual over rides at helms position  Tap with shower head at sink unit in toilet. Pressurized water system including 250 liters water tank and pump. Waste water tank 250 liters with 3 way diverter valve and deck pump out.  

Instrumentation and Navigational Equipment 

Standard navigation and communication electronics package. GPS combined chart plotter 8” screen, RADAR, VHF all part of the specification. 

Anchor Winches and Hauling Gear

Fortress anchor with 60m of 10mm galvanized chain. Mooring warps and 6 fenders 

Operating Voltages

12V DC for lighting, signalling and electronic instruments / alarms 

Batteries and Rectifiers 

The batteries will be installed inside isolated and ventilated containers 

Helm Station

Helm Station with a dashboard supporting navigation and control equipment including gauges. All accessible while sitting in driving positions. One full toilet with wash basins and automatic flusher. Self-draining floor into bilge for easy maintenance and cleaning  

The controls dashboard will compose of: 
• Steering wheel

• Engine throttle/gear selectors

• Engines rpm indicator

• Engine start/stop control

• Fuel tank level indicators 

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers will be fitted to the main helm station windows. A suitable control panel will be fitted from which time regulation and continuous wiper speed control will be possible. 


With port of registry Safety Labels for COP 

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