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low weight – high strength 


intelligent engineering and lightweight production leads to




We believe in using yacht building technology in architecture and other areas of our daily life. We are a young company, but we are working on a lot of projects - for our customers, strictly confidential. But this bridge is our design and concept, and the engineering is done by our partner Solico – they have engineered more than 400 composite bridges. We hope you enjoy and support this project.

We work in the UAE, we love the country so why not working on some local tasks? 


Sheikh Zayed Road is the highway that connects all Emirates in UAE. The beauty and importance of this road is immense as a main artery of growth of the country. Named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was the ruler of Abu Dhabi for more than 30 years. He was the founding father and the principal driving force behind the formation of the United Arab Emirates, uniting seven emirates, and becoming the Union's first President.


In Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road has iconic status. All of the city’s landmarks are led from the E11. The latest landmark is currently under construction and it’s going to be a jaw dropper: The Museum of the Future. 

What all of this has to do with cycling, you’re asking?

Whether it is done for fun, exercise, or economic reasons, cycling through congested city roads can be quite tricky. 

Road & Transport Authority ( RTA ) of Dubai, announced on 19 Jun 2021 that will aim to add 276 km of cycling tracks all around the Emirate, which will make total of 739 km. Approximately 7km will be added from Downtown Dubai up to Dubai World Trade Center.

Apart from the metro station crossing, where cyclists are unable to drive through, there is no proper crossing. So the task was simple: create a bicycle bridge… which can complement the museum… but not over shine it… that will be made out of carbon fiber… Not that simple, actually.

Sheikh Hamdan announced his intention to turn Dubai in a bicycle-friendly city at Dubai Police’s Innovation Lab in August 2020. He urged authorities to adopt global best practices, and all of the safety and security measures needed to develop a bicycle-friendly network.

The National News. 21.04.2021. This is huge initiative.


Working with composites is giving an immense freedom for form creation. Composites are the wild card that can be played, especially in architecture where it can be left traditional way of building objects. Composite materials are also making the entire bridge lighter, sturdier and eco friendly.

Having that in mind, start of the process was inside out. With the question: how to not only functionality, but the entire experience while passing through or riding towards it? Starting with a cylinder, the mid “lounge” area was created, from where the most iconic structures of Dubai can be observed and admired. If you are pedestrian. This area also creates a space for advertising, expressed as an mupi banner, or it can be used as an retail space. Above are hung banner spaces which are one more trump card for providing rent ability of the object and secure ROI.  

If you are on a bicycle, the warp and burst of colors and shapes will flash around you while you are passing by. For safer cycling conditions, and to make it more inviting, both  paths have clear color markings, smooth surfaces, and signs as well as lights for bicycles. Single direction lanes allow the faster moving pace through the bridge. Pedestrian surface is patterned and soft under feet. Lanes are divided by composite fence, with seamless organic design. The organic shape of the entire bridge is allowing the airflow over and under it, which means in spite of lightness, it won’t be affected by wind or air created by traffic under it.  Also, natural causes like rain or desert storm are not going to be held on the top or sides.

The bridge is created as an enclosed form, but avoiding the tunnel experience with artificial light. Goal was to let as much light inside as possible. Because of the big windows, bridge inside looks even bigger than it actually is and because of the huge amount of light inside, users will have the feeling like they are outside. Even though their journey will be air conditioned.

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