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We are proud to be the production partner of Aeolos Yachts. An AEOLOS Performance 30" (P30) is a quite speedy carbon yacht for a very nice price:

- simple, reliable, light.
- quick to assemble (without crane), easy to transport
- single/double hand (OSR2) and inshore racing with six
- CE-Norm Category B (offshore), upgrade to A with additional equipment possible

The AEOLOS P30 is a long lasting fast allround hull design. Ideal for short and medium distance racing and typical Baltic Sea and Solent conditions - windspeeds 12-14 knots average. The CFD calculations proofed that a single rudder and a close eye on wetted surface is fast under this conditions. This boat don´t follow marketing driven design or rating trends. Sure, the rating issues is important and is very well optimized, but not on the cost of hull performance. The ORC rule become better and better, and it means producing waste if you produce a rule breaker.

- length: 9,14m
- width: 2,95m
- 1.505t empty but rigged boat without sails and motor
- 1,980t double hand full equipped for 3 days saling with 160kg Crew
- ballast ratio: 50% (800kg)
- draft: 2,2m - 0,5m

More Information at AEOLOS Yachts >>

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