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ship building




AEOMAR is partnering with Jalboots for a commercial range of boats made of GRP. They can be manufactured to any application to ferries, pilot boats, search boats, rescue boat etc. Laboratory tested quality control to insure all end products meet ours and class (RINA, BV or other major AICS class) standards. 

Jalboots has launched a fleet of ferries operating off the coast of UAE and Maledives. Perfecting design, manufacturing and streamlining the costs to bring a quality product to meet heavy duty demands of the offshore industry.


Mould manufacturing

Holding a track record for fabricating moulds for other manufacture workshops, we have the experience and the tools to provide precise tools for your factory or personal needs. Moulds are the most important tool in in any composite manufacture process. With quality moulds you deliver a quality product. Our milling machine on a 15m track can provide a perfect finish on even the most complex 3D shapes. Years of experience in mould manufacture for both our own products and other companies, we have developed an efficient methodology to insure long lasting moulds.


Why Catamarans

Catamarans are superior in stability and load bearing. This stability is key when hosting dynamic loads such as people. AEOMAR developed, designed a purpose-built hull for the commercial sector, focusing on its primary attribute: high speed comfortable vessels. Other benefits of catamarans include, but not limited to, hosting shallow drafts, wider deck working space and easier to achieve a plane hence higher speeds achievable.

12m Ferry

Available in:
Business Class holds 20 passengers
Economy Class holds 40 passengers.

16m Ferry

Available in:
Business Class holds 40 passengers
Economy Class holds 60 passengers

21m Ferry

Available in:
Business Class holds 60 passengers
Economy Class holds 80 passengers

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